Bass Retrospective

Ed Broms – Bass Restrospective

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Ed Broms Bass Retrospective – Track Details

  • Vanguard Ractchenitza: Duet with Tupan Player, Jerry Kipplinger; Recorded by Mat Maneri in Framingham, MA circa 1996; arrangement of Ran Blake’s Vanguard reimagined as a Bulgarian Ratchenitza dance in a fast 7/16 meter; World Jazz Fusion
  • Feel the Flower, with Carla Buffa’s band Earthwurm; with Carla Buffa, composition, guitar, lead vocals; Todd Perlmutter (Blue Man Group), drums; Hard Rock
  • Altar: with Horsefly 1997; Hard Rock
  • John Henry; with Coq Bleu, folk tune reimagined as a Funk Blues; Blues 1998
  • Mind Control: with Punjab Frontier Force, Steve Gluckin’s project circa 1990, Ray Anthony, drums, Jim Hobbs, alto sax, Maria Tegzes, vocals, Steve Gluckin, guitar and compositions; Atonal Speed Metal
  • Jabberwocky: with BrouHaha, setting of the Lewis Carroll poem circa 1986, Ray Anthony, drums, Mike Castellana, guitar, Mark Ferguson, keyboards; Classical/Rock Fusion
  • Walk Alone: bass/vocal solo with keyboard ostinato, premiered at Jordan Hall, Boston, MA 1990; Rock
  • Right Now: with Horsefly 1997; Hard Rock
  • She’s Gone: Hounddog Taylor sendup with Coq Bleu 1998; Blues
  • Political Reality: with Punjab Frontier Force 1990; Atonal Speed Metal
  • Suite Movement 2: with BrouHaHa 1986; Classical/Rock Fusion
  • MOVE: Denzil Best Jazz tune from Solo Bass album The Origins of Consciousness circa 1994; Jazz
  • Spoonful: Willie Dixon classic with Coq Bleu 1998
  • Duet with Mat Maneri: Mat Maneri, violin circa 1996; Improvisation
  • Rogaturus: Who Shall Speak?, with Ed Broms Quartet circa 1992; with Mat Maneri, violin, Chris Washburne, trombone, Randy Peterson, drums; Microtonal Jazz
  • Agnus Dei: from Requiem for the Creative Spirit circa 1990 with Meredith Borden, vocals, Adam Miller, vocals, Al Pahanish (DYS and Powerman 5000) percussion, Mike Castellana, guitar, Andy Plaisted, drums; Classical/Rock Fusion
  • Bass Eruption: Electric Bass version of the Eddie Van Halen classic, recorded for the Van Halen tribute album, Everybody Wants Some of Van Halen but not included on release circa 1998; Rock
  • Cello Suite 1 in G Major: Bach Cello Suite played on Electric Bass, from Origins of Consciousness circa 1992; Classical
  • Out in the Cold: 1986; Jazz Fusion
  • Nightmare and Malfunction: Zappa-esque composition with Mark Ferguson, keyboards, and Ray Anthony, drums; Classical Rock Fusion