Bass Retrospective up at

First update to the site: a bass/demo retrospective of sorts of bass recordings and live performances with various groups from the mid-80s through recent years.  It includes performances with my fusion band BrouHaHa, a Bulgarian dance version of a Ran Blake tune, a movement from a Bach Cello Suite, a duet and quartet with Mat Maneri, Hard Rock tunes with Horsefly, Acid-Cocaine-Bebop Blues with Coq Bleu featuring Don Davis on Alto, Bass Eruption, Atonal Speed metal from Punjab Frontier Force, solo bass pieces and others…

Ed Broms-Bass Retrospective

New Site and Blogs

Please take a gander at the new website where you’ll find an on-going archive of recordings and other creative work, and a couple blogs.

One blog is a general one for the site with updates as new offerings are added. The other is the basis for memoir of sorts called The Varieties of Musical Experience – a nod to the classic, The Varieties of Religious Experience. The idea is to write reviews of all manner of performances with the twist being they are (mostly) all my own, with accounts from the mosh pit and the choir loft, hill and dale, seas and oceans, penthouses and basements, and the bathroom at CBGBs.