East Village Piano Lessons

All of your piano lesson needs are covered in one convenient location on East 14th Street in the East Village of NY, NY in a studio with a gorgeous grand piano and inspiring views of the East River. (Lessons are also available in Harlem at W145th Street.)

Whether you are 5 or 85; whether you are beginner or pro; whether you are into Classical, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Broadway, Country, World, or all of the above; whether you read music or play by ear, or both; there is a piano lesson waiting, tailored especially for your needs and dreams.

Your piano teacher, Ed Broms, is one of the finest in the country, a former cathedral Music Director, a former Musician with Grammy-nominated Blue Man Group, and a dynamic performing Artist, and gifted Teaching Artist.

Ed Broms


Payment arrangements are made conveniently by the semester (16 weeks) at, or a la carte (4 lessons at a time). (Scholarships available.)

Per 16 week semester:

  • 60 minutes: $80
  • 45 minutes: $65
  • 30 minutes: $50

Per 4 Lessons:

  • 60 minutes: $90
  • 45 minutes: $75
  • 30 minutes: $60

Get Started!

To get started right away and schedule a trial lesson and interview:

Call or text: 617 842 7908

Email: edbromsmusic@gmail.com

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