Ed Broms – solo piano

Ed Broms performs and records regularly as a solo pianist. Recordings include God Bless America and Another Kind of Blue.

A musical collision at the crossroads of 2000+ years of musical practice from around the globe.  From the resultant magma comes a debris field strewn with new gems hewn deep inside the Global Songbook.

Perfect for your next event, or house concert, Ed Broms is now available for bookings.

Contact edbromsmusic@gmail.com for details.

Here he can be heard improvising on “Abîme des oiseaux” (Abyss of the Birds), the 3rd Movement, clarinet solo, of Olivier Messiaen’s apocalyptic Quartet for the End of Time, recorded on 9/11, 2002.

“Abîme des oiseaux” (Abyss of the Birds)