Nagbansi Cover

In May of 2005, in Boston, Massachusetts, Nandlal Nayak created a musical project that is now known as Nagbansi. In Indian, the name Nagbansi means “ancestors of the cobra.” The band is composed of Nandlal Nayak on vocals and dohlak (traditional Indian percussion), Fraction aka Eric Raynaud heading up electronic programming and sound production, Ed Broms on bass and piano, and Dani Danilian on violin, cello, and sitar.

The band and music arose out of an earlier collaboration on performances with The Order of the Artists, a multi-media group founded by Ed Broms in the early Aughts.  The result was the album The Indian Friend available from ACM Records and AirPlay Direct.  Sample tracks below feature Ed Broms on bass.

Nagbansi – The Indian Friend