Organ Symphony #1: Ainulindale by Ed Broms

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Organ Symphony #1 “Ainulindale”  is a “Magnum Opus” of sorts, commissioned by organist and fellow improvisateur, Peter Kransinki, and premiered in Boston in 2008. The work is based on the most beautiful of creation stories, from J.R.R. Tolkien’s work of mythology, the Silmarillion.  The final movement is scored for two organists playing antiphonal instruments, although at the premier and this recording, the movement is performed on one console with 8 limbs!

The full work is about an hour in length.  A listening recommendation is to read Ainulindale and then listen to the complete work at a loud volume with headphones and eyes closed.  Movement 4 is a set of variations on the main theme.  It is included in the tracks as one full track and also with each variation as a separate track.

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Artwork by Christine Mascott