Teaching Testimonials


Comments from Students and Parents

Parent – We want you to know how much we’ve appreciated you and valued you as an important person in S’s life. You’ve been a wonderful teacher and such a kind, compassionate person. As parents, we couldn’t have asked for a better teacher, mentor, and friend for our child over these past 4+ years. S has just loved working with you, and you’ve really inspired S to work hard and pursue goals.

Student – THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are such as awesome piano teacher! I learned SO much in less than a year so thank you!

Student – Thank you for being a great PIANO TEACHER! You have taught me great music that is beautiful. Thank you for helping me when I need help. I love Piano because you are teaching me. When I am nervous you help me to not feel nervous for a concert.

Student – Thank you so so so so so so much for teaching piano to me. Thanks for being so nice and teaching me piano for 2 years. I knew nothing in the beginning but look at me now. You’re an AMAZING piano teacher. Thank You!!!

I had Ed as a teacher for 2 years and he is truly one of the best piano teachers out there. A few things I really liked about studying with him are his flexibility in music genre, his vast archive of musical history knowledge, and how he is good at making technical study fun and interesting. His in-depth theory and musical history analysis helped me break down the pieces I learned which allowed me to play with more emotion. Overall, he is a great teacher. -VM

We have loved getting to know Ed Broms as a piano teacher for our sons.  Ed is a knowledgeable and talented musician and a kind person, very apt at gently guiding students musically. Ed has a lovely, quiet way about him and he inspired our sons and met their interests in all musical genres: challenging them classically, introducing them to jazz, and also providing them occasion to rock out!  Our sons always looked forward to their lessons and Ed was a pleasure to work with as a parent.  He is organized, very responsive to communication, and great with logistics. -DM