Ed Broms is a sought after teaching artist, formerly Co-Chair of the Jazz, Rock, Pop Department and Piano Faculty at South Shore Conservatory near Boston, MA.  He currently resides in Manhattan where he is accepting applications to a new private studio with locations on East 14th and West 145th.

The Broms Music Studio

This exclusive studio is open to just 12 students who are aspiring or active professional musicians.  The studio is open to all instruments and ages and lessons are available in-person and online.

The curriculum of the studio is an apprenticeship-style learning experience that requires full dedication and daily practice and work.  It is best suited for students who are aspiring musicians or for active professional musicians who are seeking to establish a complete mastery of the subject of music.  The curriculum covers private lessons in piano, pipe organ, or electric bass but is open to students of all instruments.  It covers the complete skill set of the consummate professional musician including general theory, rhythm, harmony, composition, improvisation, interpretation, sight-reading, ear-training, and analysis.  It covers the particular skill sets required for all styles including classical, jazz, rock, pop, music theater, and world music, and the ability to synthesize various styles into the development of a personal style and artistry.

What the studio offers is a one-stop college education in music for the cost of private lessons.  This is ideal for:

1) High School and Middle School students who have made the commitment to being a professional musician and want to completely prepare for entrance into a university program in music, or begin to work professionally

2) College graduates who are looking to fill in what may have been missing in their music degree program

3) Semi-professional musicians looking to develop a fully-rounded knowledge of music

4) Professional musicians seeking to become consummate musicians and perform in all styles


The tuition rate is weekly for an hour lesson, although lessons are liberally open-ended when available and appropriate.  Multiple weekly lessons are available for students seeking an accelerated program. Scholarships are available for ideal and highly dedicated candidates. Please email or call, or apply for current tuition rates.

How to apply:

The Broms Music Studio is by design limited to a very few students so that maximum attention can be given to each student and their individual needs and aspirations.  To begin the application process, email Ed Broms directly at edbromsmusic@gmail.com with BROMS MUSIC STUDIO APPLICATION in the subject line and request a phone or in-person interview and ask any immediate questions.  Based on the interview an application form will be emailed to you. Other logistics pertaining to the individual student can be worked out at that time.